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About Us

Amazing Experience Guaranteed

About Our Agency

Established in 2017, our company has always thrived to enrich the customer journey experience from the inception of their Travel needs. We aim to enable a traveler to be well informed of the destination with great level of care and offer wide arrays of services.

With our young and forward-thinking team, we evolve and grow in this industry to deliver our services with great pride and passion and constantly strive for global partnerships and integration.

We have always aimed to achieve a distinct place for ourselves by amalgamating the idea of Escape | Explore | Experience.
Escape: The idea & the process of travelling involves an individual to go and expose themselves beyond their comfort, where we as a service provider take care of the rest.

Explore: Escaping to a new geographical location should involve a process of exploring the new space, where we introduce different touch points in their journey.

Experience: One cannot achieve a real travel memory without experiencing best of the destination offering of the new vicinity, we constantly inculcate various and tailor-made experiences throughout our products.

As the industry constantly evolves, we are set on a journey to move on to limitless possibilities within the travel industry.

Amazing Experience Guaranteed


We grow today as a team to inspire and constantly strive for the best amongst all.

Suzen Shrestha


Medha Rojapadhyaya

Admin Department

Pragyan Rai

Tour Sales Department

Merina Maharjan

Tour Sales Department

Manisha Rajbahak

Ticketing Department

Rajeshwori Shrestha

Accounts Department

Janesh Man Joshi

Accounts Department

Amazing Experience Guaranteed

Why Us

We understand todays buying behavior and offer split pricing of all the services upon request.

Bifurcated Price Quotation

We understand today’s buying behavior and offer split pricing of all the services upon request.

Curated and Exclusive Itineraries

We treat every travel inquiry as a unique one and offer tailor-made programs with handpicked service and experiences.

On Door Services

We are just one call away, schedule and plan your next holiday with our experts at your doorsteps.

Value for Money Services

We guarantee fair, reasonable, and right price for our products.

Flexible Payment Options

With different payment solution and schedules, never be hesitant to discuss your payment plans.

Forex Support

Get access to foreign exchange solutions at your doorsteps.

Amazing Experience Guaranteed


Our team prides in having worked for valued corporates with utmost professionalism and arguably the best services.